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The way you leave your house, is the way it will be when you get back.

(unless you have someone come in and clean for you, lucky you!) But after a long day of traveling, it is so nice to be able to come home and not have to walk into a mess that has been sitting for days or even weeks. If you are already on top of all your cleaning this should be no problem for you! But maybe if you have a harder time catching up because life gets busy and you have littles, it's easier said than done! Add on packing and making sure you're not forgetting anything can be a recipe for stress!

But I think with a little bit of prep and some work I think you will be able to have an enjoyable experience of getting your home ready and all your packing done!

I have made some checklists to maybe get you started and help you get some stuff done!

So first things first, make a list of everything that needs to get done before and during your trip: i.e

-pay bills

-buy dog food

-make cleaning checklist

-packing checklist (there are cute ones you can find if you have kids!)

-set up time to go over house things with house sitter

1 week before..

-hunker down and get all the laundry done

(instead of putting the clothes away, put the ones you'll take in your suitcase)

dust and vacuum

-throw out/ give away/ eat food that might go to waste (hint. meal plan around the food you already have for that week!)

-deep clean bathrooms

-wash sheets (nothing like coming home to fresh sheets!)

-dedicate 30 min each day to cleaning different areas of your home!

(honestly, this could be done everyday, it really helps keep your home tidy and helps eliminate stress!)

day before..

empty trash cans

finish packing

do a 10 min clean in each space

run dishwasher

**To add less to your plate (literally) order take out the night before you leave so you have minimum clean up! Or have frozen pizzas on hand :)

less cooking less stressing**

day of..

make beds

wash, dry, and put away any used dishes

turn off water main

It's easy to forget certain things that need to get done, or even run out of time but hopefully this can help make your trip prep a little easier, and give you the opportunity to come home to a clean and peaceful space!

Here are some printables if you like to see things written out! You can customize things that you will need to get done for you and your family!

travel cleaning checklist
Download PDF • 2.69MB

packing list
Download PDF • 2.42MB

packing check list
Download PDF • 2.16MB

Whether you are planning on traveling over the holidays or staying home, I hope this can help you out in some way! Don't forget to turn on your favorite music or show and have fun while you pack and get your home all set!

Happy traveling!


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