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Recently we took a trip to orange county and given the fact that we don't live close to one, I was so excited to be able to walk around Ikea!

Now, Ikea isn't predominantly my style, I am not a minimalist. For my own personal style I prefer thrifted old looking things rather than new and modern. However, Ikea has some amazing pieces and they have quite a selection of home goods to match different styles.

We're currently renting, and theres not enough space for all of our belongings! Some might say that's ridiculous and I would say you're right!

But we are who we are and we each have a special place in our hearts for certain belongings.

Mine happens to be decor and broken furniture in need of diy that I never get around to.

What can I say? I'm an idea enthusiast.

My daughter has her toys that she remembers who gave it, what year, occasion and how it made her feel receiving it.

Maybe a little dramatic, but truly she has an excellent memory and loves her toys, I know she'll grow out of them one day and then she can pass them down to her little sister!

So what to do when you have too much stuff and not enough space?

Declutter and donate!

And after you've done that and realize you still have too much stuff and not enough space?

You go to Ikea!

So here are some of my top picks for this summer!

I saw a bigger one online but didn't see it in the store, so I got these smaller ones.

I think they worked out better for the space we have now anyway! Hallelujah!

The bins are deep and can fit so much more than you'd expect! Instead of 3 smaller bins, I got 1 small for the top and a large one for the bottom. So it looks like the picture below

10/10 for toy storage

What can I say about this, except everyone needs one immediately! We needed more folding space and this gives it so good!

It's sturdy and the shelves are deep,

I've had hanging shelves before and have not been impressed until I got this one.

Definitely recommend!

This is so cute and just the right size to fit almost anywhere in your kitchen!

This is perfect for summer BBQs or even just nightly dinners! It's so nice to have for a quick refill and it's as pretty as it is practical!

Ikea has so many good things! I have my eye on some backyard furniture, but since we're trying to save for a house I'll just have to pace my ikea shopping! Haha.

What storage solutions do you need for your home?

My Ikea wishlist


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