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I have been looking for a good garland for a while now but can't seem to fork over the money for the price tag that comes with it! I have been happy to use the cheap kind from Michael's and Walmart and adding my own lights! Well, this year we don't have our own house, and all of our Christmas things are in storage, so I think it would be a good time to start stocking up on garland (for a the right price) I've purchased one from Michaels which lays really pretty, I don't know which exact one I got but here are some options online!

I think this is the one I got! and it's on sale!


While I really hope to find beautiful garland that will last here is a fun little DIY fresh Christmas garland that cost me like $2 or free if you have everything! They also have gorgeous fresh garland at Home Depot too for around $25

Just head to your local Tree farm and ask they if will let you pick the trimmings left on the ground! Home Depot also sells trees, and they have a bin of trimmings you could ask if you can take them!

For the rest of supplies I used scissors, gardening shears (not pictured) and floral wire!

Next step is to cut the branches, tie them together & repeat until you have the desired length and fullness.

Click the right arrow to see the progression of how it went putting it on the mirror


I first laid the garland over the piano and then tried to do it over the mirror and had kept having to rearrange and move some pieces around to get it more how I wanted it! It is faarrr from perfect and this was my first time trying this so I am not an expert and next time I would make it A LOT fuller and get different kind of tree branches!

but for $2 and a fun little project I won't complain!

When do you decorate?

  • Before Thanksgiving

  • Always after-thanksgiving!!


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