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The weather may still say summer but the calendar says fall and so does my heart haha

And it's no secret Christmas season, for me, begins November 1st, so I want to have at least a full month of fall decor!

I am not the best seasonal decorator but I want to be better about bringing specific items or traditions in our home that's special for each season!

And for this one for me, that means

A few pumpkins

Fall-ey floral

A pumpkin baked good

A good throw blanket and pillows

And of course my most favorite candle

Leaves from bath and body works!

(I have to admit I've had that out for a few months now, sorry not sorry)

Anyway! I tried to put together a video of me "welcoming" fall-

No, I could not light a fire

No, I could not put a sweater on (well I did for church this weekend and then promptly changed)

And no, I did not drink a hot pumpkin spice latte

However I tried to bring the fall vibes in the best I could!

So I hope you enjoy my beginner YouTube video haha and maybe add a few pumpkins on your shopping list!

Happy Fall!


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