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We recently moved into my in-laws and are waiting to find our next home, but I can't help daydream of what I would love our kitchen to look like!

This is helping me get a better idea of design ideas I like, and DeVOL has some of the most beautifully designed kitchens I've ever seen! So, it's no surprise most of my inspiration comes from their work.

Here are some kitchens I love...


The Victorian Rectory by DeVOL

I love so many things about this kitchen, where do I even begin? OH I KNOW, that chandelier!

The details are just insanely beautiful. This is probably my favorite layout of a kitchen too

See the full kitchen here!


The floors! the prep table! the wallpaper! the stove! another dreamy kitchen by DeVol.

Here is the full kitchen tour


I definitely saved this one on Pinterest! I love the dark cabinets and the same color on the wall!


It would be a dream for me to incorporate stone into a kitchen! I just love how it instantly adds character to the space.


Just another picture of stone in a kitchen! This is Joanna Gaines magnolia kitchen for her show and of course, it's gorgeous!

I think this last kitchen is my favorite at the moment, even though the walls are white they have so much texture and character, I absolutely love them! I think it has made me realize I would much prefer stone walls, or textured plaster than just plain drywall.

I have no idea what our kitchen might look like, but I'm definitely having fun getting ideas of adding warmth and character to a kitchen space!

What is your favorite kitchen?




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