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As we ring in the new year, we also look forward to new goals and a fresh start! Whether it be setting healthier life style routines, memorizing verses, or finishing projects around the house.

I know for me I want to set time to simplify our home, to be able to live out "there's a place for everything and everything has a place" better.

I think that can be harder to do at the start of the year because Christmas typically comes with new toys and goodies, and not enough time to clear out room for it all.

So even though we don't have a Santa to come magically clean and organize our houses while we sleep on new years eve, we can still look forward to setting goals and making sure we can do our best to start the new year off right! and what better way than simplifying our homes?!



whatever word you use, the point is we want less mess right?

Well I think the best place to start is by sorting through our mess first and getting rid of anything and everything we don't need or use!

We have all different priorities and different knacks we like to keep, but the reality we most likely have at least a few things to get rid of.

January has 31 days so I thought lets make a list of 31 things to go through!

Below you will find a free printable!

Set a timer for 10 min each day, by the end of the month you would have over 5 hours of simplifying your home!

Some things before you start..

  1. set a goal. how many bags would you like to see donated? On average a home has around 300,000 items in it! That's insane. And think of all the time you've spent cleaning up said items!

  2. get the family involved

  3. offer incentives for kids i.e. for every bag full of donation, give them $5 or a treat!

  4. plan something to look forward too at the end of your hard work! maybe a family trip, or a fun dinner. Or maybe even getting something you've wanted for your home for a while ;)

  5. if you are pretty organized already, use this time to focus on big ticket projects like the garage or backyard. Use the same tips above and set a plan with the family!

  6. If you have a hard time letting things go because sentimental value, or maybe one day you'll use it- get some boxes and put those items up and out of sight! You will still have them but they don't need to be taking up unnecessary space if they don't have too.

  7. if you've been blessed with having "too much" stuff, think of donating as being a blessing too others. Find a charity you appreciate, or a family who is in need.

  8. and finally the best tip that has helped me the most when it comes to getting rid of stuff is asking the question "would I take this if we moved?" If you don't love it enough to take it, then you probably don't love it enough to keep it, right?

simplify january
Download PDF • 78KB

Here is the printable you can download! Or just screenshot the picture above and keep track on your phone!

And let me know any of your secrets to decluttering your home!

Happy simplifying!



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Jan 04, 2022

It’s we gooooo! Let’s follow this list and enjoy FEBRUARY!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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