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If you haven't read the lost post from Nancy about how to deal with disappointment, I highly encourage you to! She gives us valuable lessons from the life of Joseph.

Things may not be going the way we expected them too or want, but we have to do the best with what God has given us! And we can start with trusting that God has us where we are for a reason. Or maybe we need to make some life adjustments because we are living in disobedience to God, and we need to trust He knows best.

Maybe you thought you'd be married by now, or having a baby?

Maybe you wish you had gotten that job in another city, or would be living in a bigger house?

I humbly admit I am not an expert at trusting Jesus, I need this maybe more than most reading this, but I do know when I take my eyes off Jesus and place them on my wants and desires things can start to get messy and ugly real quick.

I can't see past what I want and "need" when the reality is I have everything I could ever possibly need right now, right in front of me.

I think knowing that Jesus knows your wants and desires is so important and believing He is able to take care of them, but to trust Him with those desires can be really challenging.

To trust Him to bring them to pass if it is what He wants or to trust Him if He lovingly does not allow them to happen because He sees what we don't. And to be able to praise Him for whatever He decides, because He is worthy to be praised even when we don't feel like it.

So may I encourage you, as I tell myself the same thing.

Praise God for where you are.

Praise Him for working all things out for your good.

Maybe today, you are wanting more for yourself, or your family. But it's not quite happening, and you're frustrated. May I encourage you to trust that God knows best and you can trust Him with your desires? And If He has spoken to you, go back to what He has said and hold on to that until He shows you what's next.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Maybe you're getting everything you could have hoped for but you're not doing it the right way and you're in disobedience to God. Maybe you know you shouldn't be doing something because God has said in His Word it's not right, but you don't feel like it's wrong, so how could it possibly be bad?

This morning at breakfast I gave my 4-year-old her vitamin. Later on, she watched as I went to get my own vitamins and told me "Mom, I feel like I didn't have my vitamin". I assured her that she indeed had her vitamin, she again responded "I know, but I feel like I didn't".

How often do we do that with our own life?

We may know something to be true, but we feel something different.

Our feelings change and can often deceive us.

It is not wise to look to our feelings to show us how to live.

So maybe you have been living your life based on what you feel is right, instead of what you know is right. It might not even be extreme, but your heart hasn't been in the right place! I know I am guilty of that. And it's easy to justify it because we feel we've been wronged.

May I try to encourage you to turn from any sin that you feel is OK, and start living your life in the light and truth of God's Word?

He always wants what's best for us, even if we don't seem to understand what He is doing.

Maybe you need to trust God with where you are at.

Maybe you need to trust that God knows best, and you need to get out of a sinful lifestyle.

Both can be difficult, and it may seem we are missing out, but we will miss out on far more if we don't trust God. After all, God made us, and He knows us better than we know ourselves.

He is more than worthy to be trusted.

So, what do you need to trust God with today?


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