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I view a homemaker as a woman who makes her house a home with the best of her abilities. 

And that she watches over the ways of her household (proverbs 31:27) 

If she's married and has children, she makes sure her family is taken care of by tending to the needs of the home and her family with what she is able to

I view my role as a homemaker to be the care taker of my home.

My husband works outside the home, I work inside.

Its not that he is incapable because he is very capable and sometimes hes better doing things around the house than me. But I desire to take care of my husband in our home as he takes care of us by providing outside of our home!

And for some seasons when I find it harder to get things done whether pregnant and throwing up or needing to care for our babies, he has come alongside me to help run our home while I am not able as I would like!

I share that to say God knows where we are at and He is so gracious to help us in our weaknesses or hard seasons and I'm very blessed to have a husband who willingly helps when I need it ❤️

And even though the season we're in right now; raising littles and recently moving around 3 times in the last 2 years has made keeping the home more challenging.. my desire is still the same- to be his best helpmate at home and make it a place he looks forward coming to after a long day at work.

I believe homemaking is of such importance, and theres a reason why the enemy doesnt want women in the home. As the world thinks so little of it, I think Jesus thinks so highly of it!

For those in the midst of homemaking, keep up the work- what a wonderful job you're doing! I know a lot of the work can seem mundane but I pray we find the beauty in the smallest of things! 

For those who desire to be- 

You can start right now by using what God has put in front of you. You may only have a room, and not a house yet- but nevertheless your room is your home so start making it beautiful! 

Or maybe you are having to work so much outside, you have such little time to spend in your home, well I pray God would open up doors to give you more time in your home, if thats where your heart is! 

And maybe for those curious as to why anyone would think this role is so great-

I pray one day you can see the beauty and importance of a homemaker, and know that it is a job worth having and if you ever decide you wanna give it a go, we're here for some encouragement 😊 

Titus 2; Proverbs 31

Biblical homemaking passages 

Happy Homemaking! 




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You’re a great homemaker ❤️


P silva
P silva

When we start to see homemaking as an act of service to the Lord and to our family as a blessing instead of just a duty, home making is much enjoyable. Joy is what moms sometimes lack since we do get stuck in the mundane and feel like all we do is wash dishes and do laundry all day! But once the Lord started working in my mind that what I do as a mom and wife, even if it’s a lot of chores, and can feel like a lot at times, it is a blessing to my family, and I have started to feel more joy and less stress.


I love this so much! what a great reminder that we can do this as unto the Lord and find the joy in even the smallest tasks!


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