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This last year brought us a sweet new baby girl!

I turned 30! Ah! A trip to universal studios and mario land to make my husbands, i mean daughters dream come true ;)

A first soccer season for our oldest!

A trip to AZ for thanksgiving, a weekend at a chateau, and a move into a rental! We also joined a brand new business that I get to share with you!

but I am so thankful for you all and your continuedsupport on this homemaking journey with me!

Weve been blessed so much this past year and as we continue to try our best to wait on Him for His timing and guidance in our life we look forward to His leading in the new year!



here just a few moments from the past year!

Our sweetest addition this year:) baby girl!

My daughters first soccer season with her dad as coach!

From my surprise birthday tea my sister in law and friends threw me!

A snap of the chateau we went too in Central CA

And a little bit of Christmas 2023

Twas a good year 🥰


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