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Happy New Year!

January is always a good time to start new goals

I also think it's a good time to give your home a little refresh and tackle some clutter that accumulates throughout the year.

Our house happens to be in storage at the moment, but I was able to go through a lot of stuff before moving but I am sure there are things in there that could be gone through again

But even with most of our belongings not in reach, we still have a room that has lots of simplifying that needs to be done!


I was chatting with a friend about this, and she brought up a good point that you could separate items into donate, sell or storage!

I usually don't think of storage, but the fact is there are things that don't get used often, or things that can't be used until a later date (I'm looking at you pre pregnancy clothes)

But other things such as tea pots or serving dishes that are not used monthly can be put away where they don't take up valuable daily space.

Another thing to consider when going through items is

"Why don't I use this?"

There might be a possibility that we all have items not being used because they are not within easy reach and it's a hassle to get and put away, no thanks.

If the answer to why you don't use something is inconvenience, it's probably time to rethink where you could put it or if it's really worth keeping.


Maybe you've heard me say it, but something my Grandmother would say and I really believe it is "everything should have a place and there should be a place for everything" or at least an area. When our home or space doesn't have that, it's difficult to maintain order and cleanliness because where does somrthing go when there is no room for it?

the floor, THE chair, on top of the dresser, etc.

OR things have a place but it's so packed its annoying to have to put it away so there it will sit until you find the will and motivation to do so.

(Am I speaking from current experience, why yes, I am thanks for asking)


So to maybe help with the issue discussed above, here is a simplifying calendar of things all around the house to go through! It's not an exhaustive list and

I've also left a blank one because we all have different spaces and lifestyles, maybe you have an over-abundance of shoes while I have an over-abundance of toys,

to-ma-toe... to-ma--ta

But even if you dedicate 15 minutes each day (set a timer)

you're bound to find things you can get rid of, to make space for either things you love more, or just to make space to breathe a little!


My biggest advice for this challenge would be to start with your garage, yikes I know that might be a big task for some people, it was for me!

But when you are able to make room in your garage it is much easier to store things from inside your house without just piling up more stuff!

I only have Monday-Friday on the calendar so if you can take a weekend(s) and do the garage you might be super happy you did it!

  1. make sections with chalk on your driveway (keep, donate, sell, trash)

  2. take everything out and sort through it

  3. reevaluate and organize the space

  4. drop off donations and make a dump run (seriously it will feel so good)


And finally notice how there is nothing on Friday but to donate! I could also put list for sell or take to trash! Just let it be a day where you do something with all those things you got rid of during the week, if it's not that much you could just put it in your trunk and when it gets full take it! I hope this can help someone feel a little motivated to simplify their homes and enjoy it more and to put an end to things being left out because there is no space for it! (me, hi its me)

Happy new year of simplifying!

31 days to simplify- Jan
Download PDF • 79KB

31 days to simplify-Blank
Download PDF • 74KB


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