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Christmas is my favorite time of year. It adds a layer of warmth and magic to decor, and getting to put lights of everything is definitely one of my favorite parts!

We have a smaller space, so it's a blessing and a curse because I don't have much to clean but even the tiniest amount of stuff out can easily look cluttered. And when it comes to decor I am not a maximalist or a minimalist. I like to have things but I also like it to feel decluttered, so with Christmas decor that's where I stand!

So welcome to my humble abode, it's not perfect but I love it!

our tree is not picture perfect, but I am ok with that because my 4 year old daughter helped me and it's special to have her to do things with. I also am not the world's best tree decorator to begin with!

My home is nowhere near perfect! We have stains, tears and chairs falling apart but to be honest I prefer things that are not perfect. My style is a bit of an old and worn look. Which is contributed by me getting a lot of my decor from thrifting and estates sales! I do however have a wish list of things I would love to get for our house. So hopefully you can join me in that journey and see how much I can get done or not! I am also learning the art of taking photos, so bear with me! haha

Merry Christmas!


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