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Merry Christmas!

welcome to the final installment of this years Christmas home tours!

This next house is a perfect one to end on because it is bright but cozy with a vintage modern feel! This also happens to be my brother and sister in laws house!

They recently moved it and have done a lot of work to it, from new flooring, painting the whole house, and thanks to finding hidden black mold they gave the kitchen a beautiful make over! and they still have more they want to do! Maybe if we are lucky we can do a whole before and after ;)

But here is their beautifully decorated Christmas home tour!

I am obsessed with velvet anything but especially for Christmas! here is one I found from amazon!

She brought some greenery from the outside and it is so dreamy!

This is the beautiful kitchen I want to be able to share before and after's of!

I love how she has styled the white walls with dark pieces, it balances it out so perfectly.

And how she added the deep blue velvet that goes so well with all her other Christmas décor!

Hopefully soon I can share more of their gorgeous home and all the hard work they have put into it. I hope you are having a Merry Christmas!


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