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Hi friends! It has been a while! I haven't forgotten about you, don't worry ;)

We have been incredibly busy the last few months with things like selling our house, moving in with family, helping plan my best friend's wedding festivities and taking 3 trips! It's been busy, but so good!

I hope you are all doing so well! I have some posts in the works that hopefully will be helpful and fun for you to read! That is, if I ever get around to it! In the meantime, here are a few snippets from last summer :)

I know emails are not as easy to keep in touch with then Instagram, but I'd love to hear about any summer plans you have in the comments below!

Xx, Heather



Jul 17, 2022

I absolutely love your site. Thank you:)


Jun 02, 2022

I’m just busy with my girls trying to find activities they will enjoy ! We miss you!

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